“Hey Big Head” Text

The relationship is done. You have accepted what has happened. You are in a good head space when out the blue you get the “Hey big head” text from your ex.

What It Means

Everyone has gotten the “Hey big head” text or something close to that some point in life. It happens more often than people think. What does it mean? Simple.  It means “Hey I know we’re not together anymore, and we haven’t spoken to each other in a while, but I just wanted to see if you’re still available if I want you.”

Now if things just didn’t work out and there were no wrong doings on either side your ex could just miss you. If there were wrong doings from one or both of you in the relationship and you get that text…….you might want to give that text the side eye.

But Why Tho blog Cover.png

What Can You Do

There are two ways you can go about something like this. You can either:

  1. Respond and see what comes of it

      2. You can ignore it keep doing you

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Personal Experience

I’ve  definitely gotten the “Hey big head” text and others that were close to it. I got said text from ex’s that have cheated and usually, for me, that’s when they pop up. After a relationship 90% of the time I cut all ties. I don’t call, text, email, and social media is definitely out of the picture.

There is nothing left to be said on my end, so when I get those kind of text messages I usually react like this:

But Why Tho blog pic 3.jpg

I react this way, because it’s like a yeah I got the last laugh. I see it as victory over the defeat of the relationship that failed. I also choose to ignore, but sometimes I do respond….with smart ass remarks.


If you do respond I suggest keeping it short and sweet. No need to go and re open Pandora’s box. The relationship ended for a reason, sometimes it was meant to end for good.


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