What Happens After???

Once a relationship has ended you sit back and analyze the relationship as a whole. Even if you are not trying to……. you do. Whether the end of the relationship was mutual, you broke it off, or your partner broke it off. Whenever there is a free moment you are going to think about everything that happened.

Here are some of the things that may come up in your mind:

  • If that person really cared for you in the first place
  • All the arguments (Big or Little)
  • If everything that was said was truthful
  • If things were done differently what would it be like now


This list can go on and on. When those thoughts come up there are some feelings that come along with them.

Feelings such as: 

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Insecurity
  • happiness
  • Relief

This list can go on and on as well, and will also change from day to day

These feelings that come up and memories that you replay in your mind when you analyze; depending on what they are, might make you want to contact your recent relationship partner. A little advice here…..DON’T DO IT!!!!


Well if you are truly over the person or if the relationship is really over, then you won’t really have any need to contact that person unless you have children together, share a business, or other important things of that nature. There is a chance that you can easily fall back into the relationship that you just got out of. Falling back into it can leave you or your recent partner with hurt feelings , or more heartbroken than when the end of the relationship happened.

What you should do

Move on. There will be times where you will want to check on their social media, or there will be moments where they will reach out to you. when that happens try to keep any type of flirting out of the conversation and make sure the conversation is not too lengthy to where it feels like the old times. It will help you out more in the long run.


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12 thoughts on “What Happens After???

  1. I understand and can relate 100% with past relationships. I just wrote a post about relationships as well and was wondering if you could check it out so I could get some feedback! Thanks.

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