Date Ideas Part II

Hello Everyone!!! I am back today to give you all another set of date ideas that you can do that are inexpensive or free for you and your partner!!! If you haven’t read the first set of date ideas you can find them here: Date Ideas

Been with your partner for a year or more? Getting closer to your person of interest? Just entering a relationship? Want to do something out of ordinary than what most do for dates? Then you’re in the right place!!!

Date Ideas

Museum: Now most people would think that going to museums would be boring, but that’s not necessarily true. There are museums that have activities that both of you can be involved in. Science museums are the best in this category.

Arcade: This may seem immature to some, but this can actually be a very fun place to go. The games are cheap, good cheap food, and there are always different selections that you both can do together. If an arcade does not suite your fancy Dave & Buster’s is a good choice.

Gym: The gym is always a good place to go for a date. It’s a great place to burn off the nervous energy, or any pent up energy that you may have. It is also a good place to get nice and personal with the person you bring. You don’t necessarily have to work out intensely. I recommend going to a gym that maybe has an indoor pool, or has classes that you both can do together.

Parks: Parks bring out the inner kids that lives in us all. Who doesn’t love swinging on swing sets, playing on seesaws, playing kickball, soccer, shooting some hoops or, playing a cute game of football just to name a few. There are countless options of things to do that can give you and your partner the best time together.


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