What About Your Friends?

When you decide to go to college you’re going to meet a lot people no matter where you go. With all the people that you meet you’ll form a genuine bond with only a handful of them.

Over time life happens. You either end up transferring to different schools, or you finish before others and take on the real world. No matter which route you take a promise is made to keep in touch with one another. With there being as many ways to keep in touch with someone as they are you wouldn’t ever think that you the communication would fall off.

Busy or Forgetting

After college everyone for the most part go in separate directions. While you guys are apart life happens. People graduate, move around, get into serious relationships that could be life long, or pursue dreams. With all those things going on you get very busy, but there are also times where you can forget or be forgotten.

There is a difference between being busy and forgetting though. You can tell the difference by…….

  • Time frame between the last conversations
  • If there is mutual care in the conversations
  • If the communication stops because you can’t do what they want you to


Maintaining The Friendship

Even though life gets in the way and things come up you have to put in the effort to up keep the friendship. One person cannot be pulling most of the weight, because eventually that person will not give you the time of day.

If the only reason you reach out to someone is because you have an issue, or to achieve something that benefits you it will come out and the relationship can take a turn in a bad direction.

You don’t have to talk to them everyday, but when you do make sure that you are asking about how they are doing, or what’s new in their life. Make sure that you are giving as much as you are receiving.


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