Repeat Offenders

Being in a relationship is not easy. It requires work, patience, and commitment from both sides.  If neither you or your partner can show any of three that is listed then you could end up in a situation where a choice has to be made.


You and your partner have been together for over a year at least and about three to four years max. You have had up and downs and your partner has stepped out on you. You guys go on a break and with time and effort the relationships comes back to a whole. Times goes by once again and the relationship hits another bump in the road and your partner steps out on you again. What happens next?

You Have Two Choices

Based on the scenario above you are dealing with what I like to call a REPEAT OFFENDER!!!!

Repeat offenders can be dangerous, because they have been around long enough to  where strong feelings have already been in place mess up the first time. You have been down this road before, and of course you have forgiving them other wise they wouldn’t be a repeat offender. Seeing how this is your second time being in this place you have these two options here as you have had before. You can either:

A. Forgive and try to work through the problem again


B. End the relationship and continue life separately

Given the time frame that you’ve spent together this is not an easy decision to make, but one that needs to made. Your decision from this point decides how your partner will treat you from this point forward, how the relationship will move from this point forward, and also how your heart will be in the future.

Repeat offenders can cause more damage than most others, and the effects can last for a long time. Here is something to keep in mind when or if you are ever in a situation like the scenario above; YOU teach people how to treat you, and only YOU can decide when enough is enough.


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