Happens Eventually

Getting your heart broken is never something anyone wants to go through, but also something that you can not skip over…..No matter how hard you try.

The funniest things about a heartbreak is that…….

1.) You can’t avoid it

2.) It can take over your life

3.) It never goes away

What Causes Heartbreak

Lies: Usually when you are in a relationship with someone you have a certain level of trust. It can either a high or low level, but you have some trust there for someone even if you are not the most trusting person out there. When things are going well it only takes one incident to throw everything off track. If your relationship partner decides to lie, and then later on that lie is revealed. Things are never the same. There may not be a breakup soon, or even at all, but there will always be doubts. You will doubt everything they say or have said, and everything that they do or have done. This shatters most of the positive image of your partner, and it will make you questions all the hopes and ideas you had for a future with them.

Different Pacing: This has to be one of the biggest cause of a heartbreak. If you are moving at a faster pace than your relational partner things are going to get complicated. Especially of the communication. Time together might start becoming less of a priority for one of you, and then not long after that someone might be stepping out, or making plans to step out of the relationship.

Cheating: This is the biggest and probably the most hurtful thing that most can not over look. There are a couple different ways that this can happen….

  1. Physically: Kissing, Touching, Intercourse, etc.
  2. Non-Physically: Texting, Video chatting, Cyber sexing, etc.

This has to be the most catastrophic cause of a heartbreak. This doesn’t just hurt your heart, but it also can hurt your self-confidence and your self-esteem. You could start asking questions like….

  • What does this other person have that you don’t?
  • Is it because I don’t look a certain way?
  • Do I not have enough money?
  • Maybe if acted like someone else this would not have happened. Right?


Heartbreak is going to happen to you one way another. It’s sad to say but true. It is not something you can not run from, but it is an obstacle that you can overcome. It’s just going to take time and plenty of self-love.


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