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Bumps In The Road

The honeymoon stage of a relationship is one of the most happiest times for most. It should be. Things are suppose to be smooth on this rocky of a road we call a relationship. There is nothing that is suppose to go wrong, but of course there is no telling when and what issues will pop up, or how bad they will be. We call those bumps in the road.

Personal Experience

I am currently in a committed relationship. Things were going good for the first couple months and I was living in the fantasy forest where flowers bloom, the sun shines all the time, rainbows are everywhere, and the rabbits are hopping along in the grass. Here we are six months later and things couldn’t be better…….or so I

When I tell ya’ll that the storm clouds and tornado called reality rolled in and just destroyed my cute little fantasy forest!!! I was not prepared, and it feels like a rug has been swept from under me. Now there have been little patches of uneven road that were able to be fixed, but this bump here is turning into a crater.

At the present moment I have two options.

  1. Stay and try to work through
  2. Cut my losses and leave

The Options

Stay and try to work through: Depending on how big or small, and how deep the issue goes will determine if this option is even possible. If it’s a small communication fix, or a few days away from one another to get thoughts together, so you can come back together and straighten out the problem. This is only if both are on the same accord to put in not just the regular amount of effort that you have before, but the extra amount of effort that will required to get back to fantasy forest.

Cut losses and leave: This is probably the hardest of the two options. This means that all the time, effort, feelings, and anything else you put into your relationships is wasted. It will all be for not, because this option means ending everything. No more chances, no more baby please, no more I need some space or a break. This is a permanent fix for the bumps and the start of getting yourself together and  look for a new fantasy forest to create with someone else later on when you’re ready.

Final Thought(s)

For my current situation I am straddling the fence. On one hand I want try to work through the crater that is slowly forming. Better yet I want to stop the crater all together before it gets too big to fix. On the other I just want to throw up my hands and give up. I know though that is just the fear of me not wanting to have my heart broken. Do I love my relational partner? Yes. Am I in love with my relational partner? Yes.

That is what makes deciding hard. Feelings get in the way, and then your heart and your head are battling it out to overcome the other. Deciding is going to take some time for me personally, because this is the first person I felt strongly about in my entire life.

The decision that you decide to make should not be done rashly, or quickly. You want to try to avoid having more regret that you are already going to have with whichever decision you make. The regret could be instant, or it could be days, weeks, months, or years from now. Don’t rush it, or be rash.


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