Saying Those 3 Words

“I Love You” The three words that can change everything. “I Love You” The three words that you don’t want to say too early, you don’t want to be first to say, but you want to hear these words from your special someone. These three words are beautiful, but also dangerous.

Is There A Time Limit?

No one wants to say “I Love You” too early. You can scare your partner off, or worse be rejected. No one wants to feel the pain of not having a strong emotion like love returned.

When do you say I love you?

In my opinion there isn’t a time limit to feel that you love someone. It can happen in 3 months, 6 months, or year. You feel when you feel it. Now when it comes to saying it….I would say that there is a time limit in one way. YOUR PARTNER. You have to know your partner at a certain level. What I mean by that is simply do they move slower than what you’re use to or faster. Is he or she genuine? Are they still clinging to the past? Things like that. Once you feel confident that the feeling is mutual, then and only then should you take the plunge and say “I Love You.”

Personal Experience

Years ago while I was getting ready to start my junior year of high school. There were only a couple of weeks left in the summer, and I had been dating this guy for a good six months. He was a nice guy. My twin brother vouched for him, my mom and my youngest brother liked him, and I liked him too.

We would go to the library together, he would study with me, and to top it off he would even walk me home. Why did things not last between us? Simple. Within the last two weeks before school started back up I could tell that things were changing between us. He was definitely more into the relationship than I was.

One day he was walking me home from the library when he grabbed my hand and told me that he we had been together long enough that he can say that he loved me. Now this scared me off. I automatically thought that he next to planning our wedding down the road. At that time I felt that I had to make a big commitment that I was not ready for. I ended up breaking up with him right after he told me, which was kind of cruel, but I did not know how to handle that.

How You Say It

 Saying the three words “I Love You” is a very stressful thing. You go through a process of thinking to determine when to say it, how to say it, and what the reaction will be like. If you think about it the thought process that you will go through is like a domino effect. I’ll explain. Now how you say “I Love You” can really determine how the reaction is going to be most of the time.

Through Text: Saying “I Love You” via text message can help and hurt you. It can help because if you there is a chance that your feeling isn’t returned then you don’t have to see the other person face to face. It can hurt you, because there is a chance that most people won’t take you serious.

Face To Face: Saying “I Love You” to someone you are building something with is a hard thing to do. Choosing this method of expressing your feelings is very stressful. This had to be the most stressful way to go about it, because this could be a really good outcome, or very bad disaster. This could be a good outcome of course if the feelings are returned and you guys can kind of avoid the whole awkward phase. It could be a very bad disaster if the feelings are not returned and then you have to go through the whole awkward phase, because the other person is sitting in front of you, so you see every emotion there on their face.

Final Thought(s)

There is no right or wrong way to say the three words “I Love You.” There isn’t a time frame of when you should or should not say. It is very special thing to say, as well as a stressful thing to say. The most important thing about is to follow your heart, and to pay attention to your partner.

DO NOT!! I REPEAT DO NOT PUT A TIME LIMIT ON WHEN “I LOVE YOU” NEEDS TO BE SAID OR HEARD!!! That will be the quickest way for one or both hearts to get broken.

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