The Ultimate Goal of A Relationship

There is nothing that no one does throughout life that doesn’t have a goal at the end. When you go through school the ultimate goal is to get a degree, or certification. When you get job,no matter the level the ultimate goal is to be financial stable. There are ultimate goals that many of us are trying to reach whether it is short-term or long-term. Today I want to talk about the ultimate goal of a relationship.

Personal Experience

A couple of days ago I was on the phone with a good friend of mine. We usually talk about relationships among other things. In this particular conversation he asked me a question. He asked me “What is the ultimate goal of a relationship?”I had to think about this answer for a couple of seconds, but for me the ultimate goal of a relationship is marriage.

I said that marriage is the ultimate goal, because I feel that other than having that companionship that comes with a relationship, I also want to declare my love for my partner before my family, friends, and God.

Leading To Marriage

The conversation continued and I was asked to go into more detail of my answer. If you think about it there are steps to a relationship. These steps are also preparing most for marriage. The steps go a little something like this…..

  1.  Meeting your potential partner
  2. Date/get to know your potential partner
  3. Form a relationship
  4. Move in together
  5. Engagement
  6. Get married or/and Have children

See how these steps pretty much paves the way to marriage? Now not everyone follows the steps above in that same order, but the last step happens more often than we think.

Final Thought(s)

A relationship prepares you for marriage. Especially when you move in with someone. When you start the dating process you are learning things about one another to see if you could see yourself continuing to date, or form a relationship. While you’re in the relationship starts to be tested, because now things are starting to get serious. Moving in together is the true test. Why? Because now you will see each other everyday, you’ll see the things that you wouldn’t normally see, living styles have are coming together, and compromise is prevalent here.

The point I am trying to make is that when you enter into a relationship with someone, and spend lots of time with them thoughts of the future will form. Without even knowing it you will have moments of feeling like you can settle down with this person. Then enter in the thoughts of marriage.Me personally I don’t date someone to date someone. If I’m going to commit myself to someone long-term, share my space, food, money, and some of my items with someone there needs to be solidification. You wouldn’t do this for just anyone right?

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