Who To Listen To

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When you are in a relationship with someone you are going to go through good and bad times. Naturally when we go through good times we want the world to know about it. When we go through the bad times we have key people we talk to and take advice from.

Those key people are the ones that you spend the most time with. Meaning that they are most likely a parent, friends, siblings, or church members. When you get advice from all these different people it will confuse you. Why? Simple. There will be a mix of advice, and with that mix you’ll ask yourself the following questions….

  1. Who do I listen to?
  2. What should I do?

I’m going to answer both of these questions for you.

What To Do

Who Do I Listen to? The answer to this question is NO ONE BUT YOURSELF!!! This is very important. When someone gives you their opinion it does not mean that you should do exactly what you were told. The only people in your relationship is you and your relational partner. You are only telling people about this one situation out of your entire relationship. There is nothing wrong with listening and taking in what they say to you, but that should not determine what you decided to do with YOUR relationship.

What Should I Do? The answer to this question is WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU!!! As I stated before in the answer to the last question there is no one in your relationship except for you and your relational partner. Meaning that all of those people who are giving you their two cents will not have to deal with any of the emotional aftermath. When you are deciding on what you want to do with your relationship there’s nothing wrong with taking the advice you are given to help with your decision. Just make sure that you are not basing your decision purely on that advice that was given to you.

Final Thought(s)

Everyone wants to have a person or people to be able to tell their relational problems to, and to get help with their relationship problems. Be extremely careful with who you tell your problems to. Some of the same people who you are getting advice from can be the same people who are secretly wanting, or plotting for your relationship to fail.

One more thing to take into consideration is the experience of the people who are giving you the advice. What I mean is if your parent or family member has not had a successful relationship, or if they can’t seem to keep a relationship for longer than a month then you may not want to take any advice from them. This also applies to friends. Whichever one of your friends that is giving you advice about your relationship and their relationship is worse than yours, or their partner is doing things that your partner has never done on more than one occasion….you  might want to take any of their advice with a grain of salt. Make sure also to not pay too much attention to the “If it were me” people nine times out of ten they have been in the same situation, or worse and have done the opposite of what they are telling you. They also may not be on your side nor do they have your best interest at heart.

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