Resources To Take Advantage Of

When you are in school whether it be high school, or college there are some resources that are offered to you that you would not have usually taken advantage of. Let me be the one of the first to tell you that you should take control make use of everything that is provided to you

Resources (High School)

The Guidance Counselor: The guidance counselor is there to help you. When you are in your sophomore year of high school I highly recommend that you make an appointment with him or her, and start to think about your future endeavors. The guidance counselor is going to be your best friend when it comes to selecting what you want to when you finish high school

PSAT: This may not seem as important, but it is. This is something you should do whether you choose to go to college or not. If you do or do not choose to go to college this is good practice for the actual SAT test.

SAT/ACT: This test is something that I would recommend every high school student to take. Whether you are going to college, enlist in the military, or just head out into the workforce. This test will help you in the long run.

Resources (College)

Academic Advisor: Your academic advisor is someone who you should keep the most contact with. When you think about changing your major, where you stand if you are thinking about Grad school, putting together your graduation plan, picking out a major, and even putting together your class schedule to make sure you are on track with the major you have chosen. This list goes on and on, but this person is someone that you need to keep good contact with.

Career Services Office: This place is something that you should frequent as much as you could. This office here offers you services that you will need once you graduate. This office will help you with job placement, getting your professional resume and cover letter together, and they also have connections with companies and employers.

Internships: If you have chosen a major that you are 100% sure on then getting an internship in your field of study. Paid or unpaid you get experience, and that looks good on your resume, as well as giving you a network to build.

Final Thought(s)

The resources that I have talked about help you in the moment and in the long run. I have been out of college for a couple of months now and I am ashamed to say that I did not take advantage of all the resources that were provided for me. Thank goodness that they are still provided and I luckily have a second chance at using them to their full advantage. Please DO NOT do as I did and pick and choose what I thought would work for me, and it is backfiring at the moment. Please take full advantage everything that is provided for you.

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