Come Along With Me!!!

My WorkOut Routine!!!

Summer is coming up in few months, and many people like myself want to be comfortable in their summer clothes or swimsuits. I don’t have the money for a personal trainer, or for a month to month gym membership, so I have put together my own little workout routine that I can do at my apartment and whenever I have extra time!!! It goes a little something like this….


WorkOut Routine

Stretch: 1 min  to 3 min

Bicycle Kicks: 30 sec to 1 min

Leg Lifts: 10-15 reps (per leg)

Crunches: 20-50 reps

Push Ups: 15-30 reps

Jumping Jacks: 15-25 reps

Squats: 10-15 reps

Walk: 1/2 to 1 mile

This is just a small little routine that I try to do everyday just get in some cardio because I have a stomach I’m trying to lose!!

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