Date Ideas

Everyone has been through the process of dating. You meet someone, talk to them, and then if there is a connection, or spark, or a promising feeling you arrange a day and time for a date. Now of course on a first date you want to make a good first impression; however, this can be done without you breaking the bank. There are also instances where you and relational partner have been together for some time and the usual dinner and a movie routine gets old. Looking for some variety? Well look no further!! Here are a few ideas that could help you not break the bank while getting to know your potential partner more, and some new date ideas for those who need something different from the usual!!

Date Ideas

  • Trail Walks: Walking through a nice trail gives you a nice scenery along with a bit more peace and quiet, so that you and your person of interest, or relational partner can get to know one another better with little to no distractions.
  • Picnic Date: Finding a nice park that has either picnic tables or a nice spacious field for you and your person of interest, or relational partner can have a small intimate moment. You don’t have to make food (although you can get some serious brownie points if you do), but you can go and get something from a restaurant.
  • Game Night: Sometimes taking it back to your childhood can be just what makes date the most fun. Whipping out board games or the infamous UNO cards, and making things interesting. You could something along the lines of every time either one of you is on the receiving end of a Draw 4 card you have to give out 4 facts about yourself. For those who are in the early stages of the relationship, and for those who have been together for a little bit 4 things you like/admire about the person who hit you with the Draw 4 card.
  • Arts & Crafts Date: There is so much creativity with this date. You could paint, make your own t-shirts, or do a joint art project together. Whatever you choose to do this can be a very fun date. You become carefree, your person of interest, or relational partner are carefree also which can make conversation flow much better. Any type of tension that could or is present will disperse and you both get to unwind and be creative.


Final Thought(s) 

For those who have a person of interest: When you suggest things that are not what people usually do you are thinking outside the box. With suggesting the date ideas I have above will help you immensely with learning something important. You will learn how the other person thinks, or the potential of the other person’s thought process. This is critical, because this shapes how your dating process goes from this point forward. It will also show you if you are attracting the type of person you want or not. If you suggest this to your person of interest and they turn their nose up would you want to continue seeing them? or If the person of interest is more accepting would you want to continue seeing them?

For those who have relationship partners: When suggesting the ideas above it could be a welcome change to your regular routine. Doing something different could strengthen your relationship, and make spending time together much more rewarding. This could help you to see a side of your partner that you’ve haven’t seen as much or at all, and also help determining if you want to build a future with your partner.


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