Keep Your Eyes Open

“Hey have you heard about what happened with….?” “Ooooo girl let me tell you what happened with……? “I was there when this happened to…..?” People who have no business spread your business.

Everyone has had this person or people this in their circle, or group of friends. You might actually have them around you right now as we speak. How can you find out who they are? I’ll tell you how. All you have to do is look for the following…..

Too much interest in your love or family life: If you are keeping things to yourself, because you are just getting into the mix with someone, or just want the relationship to be just you and your partner without any outside interference, and this one person/couple people just keep asking about your relationship every chance they get? Give them a simple we are good and keep it pushing. If they keep persisting or prying consider taking some steps back from them.

Tracking down your significant other on social media: Not only is this disrespectful, but this in the category of too damn much. Firstly, unless they have known your significant other before you, or you have given them permission to add, or follow your significant other they have no reason to be on their friends list. Simply because you are not telling them everything or anything about your relationship they will go to that extent to learn anything they can. You might want to cut this person off. If they are willing to go that far then what else will they do?

Snide comments to people you don’t know in public: This has to be the one of those you really want to catch these hands type of situations. 1) They are putting you on the spot in front of people you don’t know 2) They are potentially making you look a certain way to the people you don’t know and lastly 3) They are roping you into potentially telling people you don’t know about your life and your relationship. This is something that you just don’t do. The amount of disrespect that happens with this is just inexcusable.This is grounds for cutting them off.

Personal Experience

Two out of the three things have happened to me with my current relationship. This person has moved from friend to someone I don’t care for, because of this behavior. In order to keep being one with myself, and not doing something that I would regret later I have ceased any and all communication with this individual.

This person would make snide comments like “Hope he doesn’t only come by to get some.” when came to spend time with me. This individual would say things like “You need to tell me when he comes over, because you need to be respectful.” when we would go out to eat dinner with others.

I could not for the life of me understand why this person was doing this or acting this way. I wish I could have taken the high road, but alas I didn’t. I proceeded to tell her that I will do no such thing and that maybe if she would stop being so desperate she would have someone to herself. Not my proudest moment, but it made me feel good at the time.

Final Thought(s)

Try to steer clear of people like this. They are like vultures when it comes to your business. They are like this when they are envious of you, or when they have no business of their own.

If you can’t steer clear of people like this then try your hardest to weed them out as soon you can. Remember people who have no business will spread your business.

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