Peace For You

Hello Everyone!! Today I’m going to give you all some ways to get some peace for yourself.

Being the support system for others can not only be a time consuming thing, but a life consuming thing. Everyone needs that one person, or few people who can keep them grounded, peaceful, and sane. This can be a friend, family member, or significant other.

Say that you are one or all three options above. The question that comes to mind is what about you? A huge quantity of time is spent on making sure that the one(s) you are helping have some peace with them. Why not show yourself the same courtesy. You can do this by following on these simply little guidelines.

Save a Day for You: Just take a day to yourself. Do not answer any phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. Have day to just worry about what you need to focus on.You could also use this day to relax, or enjoy some of your favorite activities by yourself.

Limit Your Life for Other’s Problems: Remember some people’s issues can become your issues, and consume your life. Cut the conversations short, or completely change the subject. This may sound a bit harsh, but this will be better for all parties involved. Why? Because if you are talking about/giving advice about the same situation it can put a huge strain on your patience, and later down the road the relationship.

Peace For You.png

Step Back a Little: There are just some things that people have to do on their own. If you are spending most of your time helping them through every step of the way then there is a 98% chance that you will be stuck in that role for any future issues that come about. Now that’s not a bad thing; however, having that expectation on you can have you overwhelmed over time. Stepping back and letting others find the rest of their way will be very beneficial.

There is absolutely  nothing wrong with being the “go to”, or “main” person to go. It shows that people can count on you, but there is also nothing wrong with taking some time to focus on yourself and to clear out your system.

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2 thoughts on “Peace For You

  1. That’s a good question. I am very guilty of not doing what listed above until recently. For me I think that we give out advice that we don’t heed because of the simple fact that we didn’t do and things did not turn out so great we can make it a little simpler for others. If that makes any sense.


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