Never Be The Same

Everyone has a fall out with ones that they love, or hold a place in their heart. It can be your significant other, family member, or a friend that you’ve known for a long time. The fall out can be small; meaning a day two may go by where you both cool off and then are able to talk it out. Then there are the big fallouts. The big fall out is the point of no return. This is where the utmost betrayal happens. This is where the bond that you both shared is tarnished for good, or if by some miracle can be repaired will Never Be The Same.


The Small Fall Out

A small fall out is classified as a disagreement on something such as romantic partners, the way someone decides to do their appearance, who someone hangs around, etc. A small argument may ensue, and the situation can be dissolved either in that moment, or within a couple days to a week. Here’s an example with a…..

Personal Experience

Back in 2012 there was this young woman that I considered a friend. We spoke to one another on the regular, and we hung out often. For the sake of this explanation we’ll call her Darla. I talked about Darla before in one of my previous post which you can read by clicking on the link!! Friend Vs Friend & Boyfriend

Now we just got over a small argument about a month before we got into this one. If I think about it the argument was really stupid, but both of us had so much pride. Darla and I were sitting in my dorm room looking over hairstyles. We came across one that was simple and I thought it looked nice. Darla on the other had disagreed and then proceeded to try and critique me on how I chose to do my hair, which usually was bun or simple ponytail.

This argument went on for about a good 10-15 minutes and Darla ended up storming out which was fine by me. We did not talk for almost a week, but when we did we were able to apologize to one another  and move on. Which I probably should not have done but that is a story for another time.

The Big Fall Out

The big fall out is the motherload of mess. I mean this will be so impactful on not just your bond with the other person involved, but also with you as a person. It will affect most if not all any future relationships/friendships that you will have. As I stated above this is where the utmost betrayal happens, and I shall give you yet another example with yet another…….

Personal Experience

In the month of October 2012, at my first college, I was talking to this young man. We were communicating heavily, and things were starting to get serious. I had this suitemate that I was getting close to that I was advised not to. I should have listened but no I wanted to give her a chance. Grave mistake. I ended up telling her about the young man I was talking with and she was happy for me…… I thought.

A couple weeks go by and the communication between the young man and I has fallen off to the point of we are barely speaking to one another. I went to go talk to my suitemate about the situation and this girl cuts me off with a “I have something to tell you” now at this point a couple scenarios have already ran threw my mind, but I shut my mouth and let her speak.

She proceeds to tell me that she not only has went behind my back and found the young man I was communicating heavily with, but she’s been talking to him and went the extra mile and slept with him. I proceeded to tell her about herself, break off the friendship, cease communication with the young man, and I threw myself into my studies. That was the utmost betrayal.

Final Thought(s)

There are just certain lines that you can’t cross. There are things that you just do not do. What happened with me and the suitemate has definitely have me cautious about who I speak to concerning my love life, what information I decided share, and who I decide to leave my man around. A little while after the incident both the young man and the suitemate both tried to reach out but I ignored them. Why? Because it would never be the same.

When someone you were close to, or someone you were getting close to betrays you the bond will never be the same. You find yourself looking over your shoulder, or second guessing everything that they say.

It will never be the same for the blinders have come off

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