Qualities Of Friendship

Over the course of life you will encounter quite few people. There will be some people who you get along with. There will be some that you don’t. Which is fine; however, there will be some where you start out getting along with, but then you do not get along with after a while. When this happens there were certain qualities that you saw in them in order for them to get close to you.

When you are getting to know people and forming your circle of close friends there are certain things that you look for (Just to name a couple):

Loyalty: Being able to know without question that you back is being had. Always in your corner. When you call they come running no questions asked.

Trust: Anything can be talked about and it won’t end up in others’ hands, or on social media

50/50 Effort: No one wants to be in a one-sided friendship. If someone is there for you make sure that you are there for them as well.

Final Thought(s) 

Friendships can be easily dissolved by not having, or performing one these qualities. When underhanded things are done that resonates with someone. Bitter feelings form and friendships collapse. There are just some lines that you just don’t cross. One of the most important would be talking to past relationship partners that you friend dealt with should not ever happen. There is no reason for you to be in their inbox, DM’s, email, messenger, etc. Actions like that by most are unforgivable, and the friendship could be lost forever.


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