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There are times in life where tough times happen. Those tough times then turn into memories. These memories then follow you throughout your life. You may make a few decisions that you normally wouldn’t make; however over time you either learn from these decisions, or you keep making these decisions.

If you learn from these decisions and take responsibility for these decisions then  that shows a sign of growth. If you on the other hand choose to repeat any decisions and instead make excuses instead of taking responsibility…….


There are other people in life that go through the same things or worse things than you have gone through. Excuses are for those who do not want to deal with their issues, or looking for a way out of situations.

Now when I say this I am referring to relationships or potential relationships where one or sometimes both are trying to have their cake and eat it too. 

Let me give you guys an example with a…….

Personal Experience

Back in late September of 2015 my Ex and I were going through one of those make it or break it moments. I had a suspicion that his attention drifted off wherever it went about a month earlier.  Now we were having a disagreement, because we made plans and at the very last minute he cancelled. This has happened quite a few times before, so this turned pretty bad pretty fast. This conversation turned into a full blown argument, and we were going below the belt with one another when he blurted out that he was spending his time elsewhere.

The relationship ended after that very statement, but us human beings do not get over things as quickly as we want to. My Ex got in touch with me about a week later asking to talk. I agreed. We met and almost immediately started speaking of our recent incident. I was getting so aggravated as the conversation went on, because he kept on saying that he what he did, because he didn’t have his father around.

Let me explain something to everyone. That is not an excuse. I’m not saying that it doesn’t effect you, but when you get to a certain age you are able to distinguish whether or not what’s the right way to treat someone.

I did not have my father either growing up, but I do know what a man is and is not supposed to be. I know what qualities to look for. Why? I learned over time. I learned by observing, and by trial and error.

Final Thoughts

When people experience hurt or pain. It can indirect or direct, physically or emotionally. There is not a guideline on how to overcome ir, nor is there a timeline to get over. There is; however, things you learn as you go throughout life. Things like right and wrong. I found out later on that there were more women than what he initially told me, and that he gave each woman the same reason. Well excuse.

Life is a live as you learn lesson. What should be learned in this regard if you are someone in this situation, or know someone in this situation it is very important to remember not to carry over what has happened in your past relationship into any new relationships, or possible relationships.

There is always the chance that the past will come back. If you’re not sure how to deal with that then please check out the link below for a tip or two on how!!

The Past Is Just That…The Past

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