Your Time Will Come

Things have been rocky for years, but to make everyone happy my true feelings were kept unknown. I didn’t say anything about the trauma you’ve put me through growing up to make things easier for everyone else involved.

You kept your facade up pretty well. I have to give you credit for being able to finesse. Too bad you could never seem to finesse being a man.

You are part of the reason if not one of the top three biggest reasons why I am in therapy. You are one of the main reasons why those who are the closest to me are in pain to this very day. You cause nothing, but destruction everywhere you go.

You disgust me. You have shown me your true colors a long time ago, and I should’ve listened and paid more attention. Giving you the benefit of the doubt was a mistake. A mistake that I won’t make again.

I shouldn’t be shocked that you are the way you are. Can’t expect someone to be something they clearly don’t know how to be, or should I say choose not to be.

You’ve had multiple opportunities to change and be what you promised you would be. Instead of attempting to fulfill that promise, you tried to plague my mind with lies and turn me against the one person that has been there for me, took care of me, loves me unconditionally with no strings attached. My mother.

You don’t seem to remember, but I do. I may have been a young girl and those events happened a long time ago, but I still remember them vividly as if they happened yesterday. I remember you as the monster that terrorized, and pretty much destroyed the happiness of my family.

It’s okay though. Your time will come, and when it does I will be more than happy to see it, as vindictive as that sounds. The lesson has been learned and I frankly do not have much else to say about or to you for that matter.


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