Goals For The Week: Results & New Goals

Hello everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!! Today I’m going to just update you all on the last weeks goals and provide you with the new ones!!


Last Week’s Goal Results

I was able to complete all of my goals from last week!! I made things hard for myself by procrastinating, but they were able to get done with little to moderate hassle. Want a refresher for last weeks goals? You can find them here: https://amiableempath.blog/2016/11/29/goals-for-the-week/


This Week’s Goals!! 

1.)  Get a more concrete schedule together: This is number one on my list because I am going to have more time on my hands to put more work into my blog, so making a more specific and stable schedule that I am going to commit myself to upholding is very much needed so that my blog won’t be all over the place.

2.) Promote more: There is no need to be continuously putting out content if I’m not putting out there as much as I can for others to see. I am lacking in this department and I need to get better at it, so I want to at least make sure that each post I published is shared on each social media site that I have

3.) Update Professional Resume: With me wanting to pursue a career in writing I need to make my resume reflect that. I for one need to update it and make less general and more unique to me.

4.) Look up the criteria to be a Life Coach: I’ve always wanted to help others in any way that I can. I’m known to give out some pretty good advice here and there due to me always being observant to many things, and also being honest when being asked my take on any and all situations, but delivering it in a way that others do not feel attacked or worse. I figure being a Life Coach will help to be able to help others.

Setting these goals and revisiting them give me have proven to be more efficient than I expected.

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