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Dating Online?

Hello Everyone!! Want to learn a few of tips for online? Know someone who could use a few tips dating online? Well please continue to read. If not…Then please continue to read anyway!!

  • Dating is so different in today’s society than it was before. In the past people talked one another face to face. It happened in high school, college, careers, and even the most cliché place the grocery store. Now a days since technology has vastly improved, social media has gotten very popular, and dating websites have been updated people have turned to talking to one another online more often than in person.

Online dating can boost confidence for the individuals who don’t  feel comfortable, but they can also be a bit dangerous. Here are a few of tips to help minimize the danger, and to help not have your time wasted on foolishness. This works for both free sites and websites that cost money.

1.) Be specific/concrete when making a profile: This is the start of it all. This is something that everyone is going to see. make sure you stay brief but clear about yourself and your interest. If your about me part of the profile is 10 pages long it will not get read.

2.) Photos = attention : When you shifting through the photos of your phone, Facebook, etc be conscious of which ones you choose to put out there as well as how many. This is the first thing people see. Watch what photos you are uploading. Your photos or the most part determine the kind of attention that you will attract.

3.) Take the personality test/answer profile questions: Taking the test or answer questions from the site can help to narrow down the tomfoolery that you will encounter. Make sure to answer as honest as you can and try not to be to literal when answering.

4.) Know what you are looking for: If you are on a dating website to play around then that should be what you expect to get in return; however if you are looking for friendship, relationship, someone to marry, of just a casual dalliance. Make sure you are clear with yourself and others even if what you are looking for changes.

5.) Don’t get catfished: Make sure the person is real. If you are talking to someone, or getting to the step of meeting some place make sure you are talking to an actual human being. This can be accomplished by exchanging social media, emails, or Skype names. Video chatting in real-time gives more security and helps you to avoid talking to people who are pretending to be someone they are not. Plus it’s more dependable than photos.

I hope these tips have helped you, and if so then please like, share, comment, & follow!! the tips above? Check out these rules and guidelines to going out with friends!!

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