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The Past Is Just That…The Past

Hello Everyone!! Today I want to talk with you all about something that happens on the regular and is currently happening to me right now.

When you enter into a new relationship, or have been in a relationship for good amount of time you go through ups and downs. When things are up they’re up and things are going great. When things are down they can be really down and things are going terrible to the point where you’re not sure if the two of you will make it. No matter which way the relationship is going you will be tested. That test comes in the form of the past.

Now the past will come to in the form of a text message, phone call, a message on social media, even through family and friends. Now when the past decides to pop up you are faced with a decision that not only affects you, but your relationship.

Personal Experience

A couple of weeks ago while my boyfriend and I were watching Empire together I got a text from someone I use to talk to in the past. My boyfriend and I haven’t really has any downs as we are still in the honeymoon stage in my mind-set. Now this person I talked to in the past was someone who I saw potential in to be in relationship with.

 We haven’t spoken to one another in about year. I did find it funny that all of a sudden he wanted to contact me. I did answer him and I felt like conflicted. Half of me did not think that it was that big of a deal, while the other half did think it was a big deal. The guy from the past asked me how I was doing and I kept it short and sweet. All I told him was that I’m about done with school and the conversation died after that, because he’s the past. To me the past is just that…..the past, and I was not about to let him potentially mess up what I have.

 The Past (blog).jpg

I feel bad because I did not mention my boyfriend, and because I answered in the first place. I did talk to him about it later on that night. He wasn’t mad, but he could’ve been.

Final Thoughts

When a situation like this happens it is best to for one let your significant other know about it. Second shut it down. Now I know this could be a bit of a grey area, so if you still have strong feelings for this person that is in the past then you might want to rethink the relationship you are currently in.

The past 1 (blog).jpg No need to knowingly hurt someone else, because of selfishness, or confusion on your part.

Now if your feelings for this person in past has long faded then proceed to shut down any and all romantic anything including memories. Lastly (if the situation calls for it) cease contact. If you are not feeling the past then this shouldn’t be a problem, and it keeps your current relationship from being disrespected in the future by this person.

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