4 Major Rules/Guidelines To Going Out With A Group

Hello Everyone!! I want to share with you all a couple of rules/guidelines that should be followed when you are going out with friends, because some people really don’t know these, or don’t have any good friends that’s telling them. I swear some people really need to be told this. Loyalty plays a huge role here, so LISTEN UP!!!


1.) Leave with who you came with: This is the most important rule. It does not matter if you are at a club, house party, or if you are going to a small get together whoever that you come there with you leave with them. Especially if alcohol is involved. Don’t care if you blocking or killing the vibe make sure you don’t go anywhere with someone you don’t know. For safety measures stick together.

Guideline to going out 1 (blog).jpg

2.) Travel Lightly: When going out with a group you don’t want to carrying 50,000 things with you. Only take what will fit either in a small purse that can be hooked on your wrist, or what will fit in you pocket. Pretty much all you really need going out is your keys, ID, some cash, and your cellphone.

Guideline to going out 2 (blog).gif

3.) Have signals, codes, alias names established ahead of time: There is nothing worse than going out and you get bothered by someone. EXCEPT when you already set up your alias and gave your excuse, and your friend ruins it all. Make sure before you leave to go to your destination that everyone is on one accord. Everybody should have everyone’s alias down, excuses down, there should be codes and signals for when you need help, so you can avoid any kind of awkward situations that could happen. Guideline to going out 3 (blog).jpg

4.) Have an Escape route/plan: ALWAYS have a plan to leave the club, house party, get together, or whatever. When you go out there is always the chance that something can pop off (go wrong). You don’t want you or your friends to end up on the news. Have a rendezvous point, make sure to do a head-count, and make sure that everyone is physically, and emotionally okay, and get home. Guideline to going out 4 (blog).gif

If you have not already implemented these rules/guidelines above it is highly advised that you do. This can make your night out with friends much less complicated and much safer for you and everyone you choose to go out with. Not sure that you’re in a relationship? click here to find out

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