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Don’t Be So Quick

It is so easy to fall for someone, get close to someone, to be loyal to someone, but you have to be careful not to offer these very important qualities so early. It can be your downfall.


When you meet someone you really like things can move along pretty fast, and things 99% percent perfect in the beginning. While things are going so good during this time it is easy for you to be so involved with this person that you give up a special part of you away. Your heart. Don’t be so quick to give your heart away to someone who you are not sure is going to stick around.

I know that there are some people out there that fall hard and fast ,but that is trait that needs to be reigned in. Don’t be so caught up in the honeymoon phase that you completely ignore all their faults. You must remember that during the honeymoon phase there is a trial and error phase happening as well. This is also the time where whoever you are involved with is testing the waters.

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Friends or Enemies 

When you go to a new school, work at a new place, or move to a new location you meet different people and form bonds. Unlike when you are meeting someone in a romantic sense things don’t also go so peachy keen in the beginning. It’s a bit easy to pin-point flaws and to see if whoever you hang out with now will be someone you continue to hang out with in the future. Now if this person that you are hanging out with is in a situation with someone else stay out of it.

Don’t be so quick to step into a situation for someone you don’t know that well, because of the good things that they have shown you the short time you’ve known one another. Don’t be so quick to give your loyalty out to those you do not know that well. You could end up in situations that could land you in circumstances that you had no idea you’d ever be in, and there is always that chance that the person you just started to hang out with will leave you to deal with everything yourself.

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Final Thought

It may seem like a good idea, but just be very cautious about who you keep around, and who decide to be around. Not everyone that comes in your life have good intentions, so it is imperative that you are mindful of what you say and do with others, as well as, keep an eye out for what they do and say.


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