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Here’s What You Do…

Hello Everyone!!! I wanted to about today a particular situation where you many people have been, myself included, or are currently going through. I want to share with you all a tip or two that will help best.


Ever been in a situation where someone random man or woman comes to either aggressively or non aggressively stating or claiming that they have been involved or still involved with your significant other. Don’t know how to handle it? Here’s what you do…..


Now this situation can be handled one or two ways.

Way #1: You can easily take it out on the outsider. When you handle the situation this way you are likely to physically, and/or verbally attack the third-party member that decided to come to you with this information. The pro’s to handling things this way is that you can get some of your anger out, you can be seen as loyal and defend your relationship and significant other. The con’s are you will most likely spur on future drama, you probably will not get any questioned answered, you could be seen as the fool in this entire ordeal, and you end up heart-broken

Way #2 (Which I highly recommend) Gather information on from both sides. Process it all. Then confront who you need to confront. The pro’s in handling this is  you minimize the drama in this situation, you end up dealing with the right person, and you can have most if not all questions answered. The con is you could end up heartbroken.

Personal Story

About a year ago I was put into this situation. One evening my ex-boyfriend of three months and I were to meet up. I had to step out to run errands, so when I got to my apartment I sent him a text letting him know that I was ready for him to come by. The message I got back was “This is his girlfriend B****”

Now you remember up above when I told the two ways you could handle it? Well looking back on it now I wish I would have done option 2 from the start.

I immediately called his phone because that is where the this disrespectful a** text came from. Guess what happened when I called. A woman answered the phone, and she was going off.

I took me by surprise for a couple of seconds

Here's What you do 1.jpg

BUT after that couple of seconds shock I went off. Me and this woman I don’t know were going back and forth all the while forgetting the one and only thing that is the cause for all of this. I ended things 2 weeks later with the now ex-boyfriend and I thought that things were over. I was wrong.

A month goes by and I get a call from the ex-boyfriend and of course he had the other woman with him in the car. I had already figured out his little game plan and it did not work in his favor. To my surprise the other girl apologized to me about the whole situation and then we started exchanging information, and putting it all together. We were able to be amicable and that was the last conversation I have ever had with either of them. Things went much better after we were able to talk as grown women and put things into perspective. Not even a week later this fool sent me a text message talking about “I miss you”, so I hit him with that entry to the block list.

Final Thoughts

Trust me skip way number one and go straight to way number two. So much drama, headaches, and unnecessary actions could have been avoided. There are so many people out there, women more than men, get angry and go straight for the “third-party”, but not confronting the person that really matters. Now there are some cases where if it involves family, or someone you consider a friend then please by all means confront them and be angry at them. Just make sure that you are not just blaming them, but also your significant other. Trust me 9 times out of 10 your significant other or ex significant other is going to want to come back.

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