5 Tips Working Retail

Working in retail? Thinking about working retail? About to start working in retail? Here are a few pointers that will help you that you need.


1. Patience:   While working in retail, no matter the location you are going to run into situations with customers. There will be situations with returning items, coupon use, order drop offs at the store, discounts, and just general questions. In order to these situations under control you must have patience. You will have to repeat yourself quite a bit, but if you are the patient with the customer(s) it will make the situation pass by smoothly.

.Retail patience (blog).png

2. Professionalism: Maintaining a manner of professionalism will also help with customer situations especially with when hiccups with returns, and discounts. Properly and clearly stating the policy and politely getting a manager lets the customer feel like they matter and they will less likely fuss at you and make scene.

Retail professionalism (blog).jpg

3. Good Relationships With Co-Workers: In order to keep your sanity it pays to have a good relationship with your co-workers, because you can have people who understand what it is that you go through. Also if a situation with a customer is getting out of hand you can expect them to help you. Think of your co-workers as your fellow soldiers that are there with you on the front lines of the battlefield. It’s nice to know that you can count on them to have your back, so form good relationships with them.

Retail coworkers (blog).jpg

4. Be Available As Much As Possible: When you first start out working in retail depending on what time of year that is you might not get as many hours as you would like; however if you are available when your manager calls you one you get more hours and two you get first crack at extra hours when the location is really busy.

Retail availability (blog).png

5. Be Approachable: Whether you are greeting, working the register, or even working the floor customers should always be able to come to you an ask questions, or get an opinion from you. Being approachable also gets noticed by your co-workers and your able to again be put on the schedule more often, or again be first in line to get extra hours if they are available.

Retail approachable.jpg


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