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4 Easy Ways To Know That You Are In A Relationship

It’s been a few months since you and whoever you’re dealing with have been seeing each other. Not sure if you are in relationship or not? Here are a few things to check out and see if this can give you any insight.

1)  Are you visible on any type of social media: Now a days everyone has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or SnapChat. If you are not mentioned in any of these then you might want to sit down and have a discussion about what it is that you guys are doing.

2) Are you mentioned to friends, or family: Everyone has that close small group of friends that they hang with on a constant basis. If they get a phone call while you are hanging out together, and they describe you as a friend, or say that they aren’t doing anything important you might want to sit down and have conversation.

3) Are you seeing one another often: If you are only seeing each sparingly, as in once a month, once every two weeks, whenever they are in a tough spot, or whenever you get paid you might want to have a conversation, or better yet reflect on what you are doing

4) Is the communication good: If you have not face timed, snapped one another, text on a regularly basis, or have phone conversations regularly then you might want to have a conversation and get some clarity. Hard For The Right One? Find out here!!

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