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Catch The Shade

Hello Everyone!! Today I want to talk about an issue that most go through and they don’t even know that they go through it until it is too late.

Have you ever been in a relationship or getting in the workings of starting a relationship with someone, and you have this one person that you hang with on a near constant basis that likes to make little jabs?  If so read on!! If not then read on!!

How It Starts

You and this person that you hang around a lot (for the sake of this story let’s just go ahead and call them a friend) start off single together and looking. You meet a few people and you go out with them, but things just did not work out how you wanted. You decided for yourself that you were not going to look anymore and whatever happens happens.

Now your “friend” goes through the same process, but he or she is so ready to find someone who they continue to go out, meet people, and even though things do not work out they desperately try to hang on to anyone that will answer a text message.

About two-three months pass by and you start talking to someone. You’ve met this person and things are looking great. Now you’re “friend” on the other hand hasn’t had any luck and is still in the same predicament as before.

After meeting this person and deciding that they are going to be around for a while you bring them up to your friend. If your friend says something along the lines of “I hope they come to see you during the day and not only at night”

Catch the shade (blog).gif

then that is a bit of shade that you need to pay attention to.

Catching Shade/Personal Experience

After that one remark there is bit that follow. This “friend” will now ask you quite frequently how you and your relationship is going. Not to be a concerned friend, but to be nosy. If you and this person are living together of course you are going to want them over. If this “friend” wants to try to implicate a rule about having to be notified when this person you’re in a relationship comes over; that is some shade and you need to catch it. Now if this “friend” starts to bring up anything concerning your relationship in public to other people who you do not know in front of you; That is a palm tree honey and you can’t miss that.


Try to catch some signs early on. Trust me they will be there. Signs such as rolling of the eyes when your relationship is brought up, the sudden high interest in relationship, wanting to set up a meeting to meet who you are in a relationship with, or even wanting to hang or call while you’re out with your relational partner, etc. If push comes to shove you might want to keep this person at a distance, and most definitely keep them out of your relationship at all cost. Who knows the “friend” could be jealous which is even more of a reason to keep their ass out your relationship and business.

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