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Set Them Boundaries

Hello Everyone!!! Happy Labor Day!! I hope all are enjoying your day off (if you have the day off!!)

Today I wanted to talk with you all about something that most people need to do when they’re dealing with someone…SET BOUNDARIES


Everyone has been in the position where they are talking to someone, or in a relationship with someone and their friend has done some questionable things. This can be a best friend, a school (highschool-college) friend, or even a friend of a friend. No matter which category they fall in a situation will occur where they will step out of the respect zone.

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Personal Experience

During my first semester of freshman year in college I had a suitemate. She was nice and very easy to talk to. There was something off about her, but I did not pay much attention to it because I was quite naive back then.

Me and this suitemate got real close fast and I foolishly called her my friend without knowing a her good enough. I did notice that she did talk to a few different guys here and there, but I assumed she had some common sense……she did not.

During the month of October I was talking to this guy. We were talking for about a month. One night me and the suitemate were hanging out and I was texting my guy friend (which she need knew about) and she was asking me about how we were doing.

I’m telling her that we were okay. Now while we were having this conversation my guy friend sent me a picture, so I put her on pause to see it and it was a shirtless pic. Now I did not know that she was all over my shoulder in my phone in my business. This heffa had the nerve take my phone out my hand and ogle him. A couple of days later he’s asking me about my suitemate and showing me Facebook messages she has sent to him!!!


SET THEM BOUNDARIES!!! Check them friends and check you man/woman as soon as something inappropriate happens. If you do not then it will continue to happen and they will think that it is okay. Trust me nip any and all of it in the bud quick, and they do not respect that then you may need to cut both of them loose.

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