What Kind Of Mess? (Rant)

Hello Everyone!! I just really have to rant about this issue that happens very often.



Maybe it’s just me, but I really cannot stand when people agree to move into college apartments and complain about everything that is “wrong” with it. First thing you need to understand is that first of all this is a college apartment. I mean people are literally moving in here and expecting to be living in the Four Seasons Hotel.

Now don’t get me wrong if you are paying $450 and up for your room then there is an above average standard that should be up-held, but you will not be staying in a 5 star resort.

I mean it literally burns my biscuits when someone who hasn’t even moved into their room has carpet cleaners coming in out of the apartment, because the carpet isn’t as plush as when it is first installed. This isn’t a new building so why are asking for carpet cleaners?!! You have the maintenance guy coming over almost everyday to basically do nothing and he’s giving the rest of us in the apartment the side eye, because request after request are coming every day.


Now I don’t mind my roommates friends coming over, because I will have friends coming over, and my boyfriend will be over sometimes too. There is a difference however; between having friends visit, and others staying for days. Now in my apartment we are all women so if I want to walk into the kitchen in my towel to get me a glass of water then dang it I will, but if you have people of the opposite sex staying at the apartment you should discuss that with your other roommates.

Your friends should be rambling through the fridge like they live there, because they won’t be paying rent when the 1st of the month come around. They shouldn’t be walking in late at night making a bunch of noise, because other people have jobs and early classes!!

Lastly and this is the most important. Don’t be leaving the front door unlocked 24/7 so your friends have access to our place!!!

Rant 2 (blog).jpg

Where they do that at?!! Yes we may be on the 3rd floor, but the door should never be unlocked to the point where anybody at anytime could just stroll on in.

Oh but no worries I got a trick for them. I’ve been nice and sharing some of my things with my roommates. Key word is roommates not the whole damn neighborhood!! Things are about to change and some people are about to be without. Take care of your own company and when I go in the fridge my food had better be not even a centimeter lower than where it should be after I last used it. If my food has been touched it will be hell to pay……

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