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Go Hard For The Right One

Hello Everyone!!! Today I would like to talk with you all about a serious problem that is happening in this generation of young adults.

When you are in a relationship with someone it is understood that you have their back no matter who it is that decides to come out of pocket at them.Male, female, or family members you have your significant other’s back right? Well I’m here to tell you that in my opinion that you shouldn’t always have that person’s back if they don’t have yours. I see so many young women and men defending, and going to war with other people for their significant other that disrespects them, cheats on them, and has no regard for their feelings. I’m sorry but I can not be the go hard ride or die for someone who doesn’t treat me right. The evidence of their significant others behavior can be laid out in front of them clear as day, but as soon as someone brings up the facts about the wrong your significant other has done, whether it is the person they were doing the wrong with, or a family member that has witnessed what is going on the first one to fly off the handle should not be you. Why? Because you end up looking like the fool. It makes me wonder why are defending this person that has cheated on you? Why are you defending this person that is disrespecting you time and time again? Why are you going so hard for the wrong person?

In regard to friendship, this hits close to home for most. Everyone has a small group of friends that they will go to hell and back for, but you must be wary of when and why you go so hard for some people you call friends. For instance, one day a couple of years ago an old friend and I were at a party. Now this old friend of mine had beef with a girl and her friend. While we were there at the party having a good time the girl and her friend walked up and was starting a confrontation with my old friend. I immediately stepped up in her defense without knowing what the situation entailed. Turns out my old friend was out doing thotish behavior with several different others and the other girl she was having beef with was the girlfriend of one the several people she was doing things with. I was so embarrassed about what was going on that in public I had her back and we were a united front. I did not want the other girls to see us unfold, but when me and old friend were alone I let her have it, and the friendship was never the same after that.

People please sit back and reflect before you go so hard for someone who doesn’t deserve it. If your significant other isn’t doing what is expected in your relationship, maybe you should rethink how much you stick up for them, and what you stick up for them for. If you have a friend that is in a situation make sure that they stick up for you like you stick up for them. Loyalty is two-way street, and if your friend allows you to put to be in a situation and that haven’t given you all the facts then it is time to rethink how you stand up for them in the future, and possibly rethink how close of a friendship you actually have.

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