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Think First

Hello Everyone!! I wanted to share with you a very recent personal experience and some advice. In regards to friendships and relationships.

Relationship: Yesterday I went to work with my cousin to get a taste of what I could do with my degree. While there I was on SnapChat with the man who I am involved with. Things are going so well until I received a snap from him of another woman. I immediately saw red and was out the building of my cousins workplace in seconds all the while calling him to get to the bottom of this. The first conversation that we had did not go so well seeing as my attitude was on 100,000. I wasn’t trying to hear anything he had to say, but I was asking him questions to get to the answers I wanted. He had to go to work and I was still being snarky and down right bitchy to him. I ended up hanging up on him and pretty much highly pissed off for the remainder of the day.

Later on that day I got a message from him explaining himself and what was going on. Turns out one of his teenage family members was playing around with his phone and not only sent that to me but to several other people. Needless to say that I had egg on my face and I felt pretty bad for flying off the handle and not hearing him out. He could’ve easily not contacted me at all after the things that I said to him, but he values what we have and decided to be the bigger person.

Friendship: Now 9 months back I had a friend that I was able to talk to about things that I couldn’t talk to others in my little school circle. One evening while we were hanging out I got into a confrontation with ex boyfriend. This confrontation was horrible and we ended up breaking things off with one another. The very next day I had other people in my circle coming to me saying that they knew about my very recent break up. Now I haven’t said anything to anybody. Not even my mother. Of course they told me who told them, but also I already knew who it was. To say that I was livid was an understatement. I was so ready to find her and give her the cuss out of a lifetime. I was urged by others in the group to not go about that way, but I did not listen. We ended up almost getting into a physical altercation and I have ended the friendship. Things would not have gotten as out of control if I  had simply just kept my cool and talked to her with a clear head.

Both of these situations could have been dealt with in a better way. If you ever find yourself in any situation like the ones above please take a second to breathe and calm yourself. Go for a walk, listen to music, write in your journal if you have one, but do not go to confront someone when your emotions are ruling everything you say and do.

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