My Fruit Smoothie

I am in the process of changing my eating habits. It is hard work, but diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease runs in my family this change has to happen. Today I want to share with you all a fruit smoothie recipe that I drink daily.


8oz  yoplait strawberry banana yogurt

1 pint of Almond Milk (I have deep distaste to regular milk)

1 bag of frozen mixed fruit

1 banana (optional)

1 bag of raw spinach


1) Make sure blender is clean and make sure lid is clean and off

2) Place desired amount of milk ( I prefer 1 cup) into blender

3) Place desired amount of yogurt ( I prefer about 4 tbsp) into blender

4) Place desired amount of frozen mixed fruit ( I prefer 1/2 cup) into blender

5) Peel and Cut the whole banana into blender ( if you’re not using a banana skip this step)

6) Wash of desired amount of spinach ( I prefer a small handful)

7) Add in desired amount of spinach

8) Add another desired amount of yogurt ( I prefer 2 tbsp) into blender to increase thickness

9)  Put the lid on the blender

10) Press the “Grind” button and blend on low to help break up the frozen fruit for 30-45 seconds

11) Press the “blend” button and blend on low for 30 seconds to 1 minute to help properly all the ingredients

12) Serve

I love this smoothie especially since I haven’t really drank milk in a few years ( I avoided it like the plague), so I had to get creative in getting vitamin D and calcium. I love fruit but it is to time consuming to wash and cut them all up into pieces or halves. With smoothies you can put just about anything you want into them and they are easy to make. I hope you enjoyed my little recipe here if you like what you read please try it and add in different things. Comment down below to let me know what you put in your smoothies!!!

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