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How and Why I Chose My Title

Hello everyone!!! I just briefly wanted to share with you all how i got my title and my tagline to my website and what it means to me.

Before I published my blog site I had no idea what I wanted to call it. I am a creative thinker and I really wanted to have something unique and different from others, but I also wanted it to describe me. While I was setting up everything the idea was brought to me via google to put adjectives together that describe me as a title. I thought why not give that a shot, so I typed into google a list of adjectives and I spent a good 20-30 minutes looking through the them ( because I over think too much) to find what would be perfect for me.

Two words stood amongst them all amiable and empathy. Amiable stood out to me, because no matter what situation that happens between me and others, or between the people in my inner circle I always push for us to come to amicable solution. I like when problems get solved and situations dissolve with little to no drama, and both parties can either be friendly again or cordial.

Empathy stood out to me, more than anything, because I look at the world through empathetic eyes. No matter if someone ask me for my opinion on something that they are going through or if I’m reading a post on Facebook about a situation that happened somewhere else in the world, I try to put myself in the other person’s shoes before giving any input. I strive to always be this way, because it helps me and others that I come into contact with to go through life so much easier. There is a down side to this however, and this is where my tagline comes in.

My tagline “Be Kind Not Naive” came to me simply because there were many instances where I was so naive with some people who I use to be close to when they had situations with others. There was one instance where I could have gotten kicked out of school, because I was not given the entire situation and the other person made the situation worse than what it was and tried to bring me down with them as well. That really opened my eyes quickly. It’s okay to be kind and be there for others, but don’t be naive about the situation and make sure to remember that there are three sides to every story or situation. The person who ask you for your advice side, the other person’s side, and most importantly THE TRUTH!!! I’m still learning this today and it is my goal for life to continue to better at not being so trusting and loyal all the time.

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