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Gave it Up Too Soon?

Hello!! This post here is more for the ladies!! This is a How to know if you have given up the cookie jar too soon. Enjoy!!

Ladies we know how it is when we meet someone who we are really feeling and we think the he is the one so we give up what we hold sacred. Every girl is told by either their parents, other relatives, or society to keep our virtue until marriage, or until we’ve found the right one. That is not always the case. There are times where we find someone who we feel like really connect with and think that they are the one at the time, and becoming intimate usually happens within the first couple months of getting to know someone. That doesn’t make you a slut or a whore, but it could make you feel that way after the fact. Especially if things start to change after being intimate occurs. Nine times out of ten you will ask yourself this question “Did I give it up too soon?”

Now I am in the process of getting to know this guy. I had the mind-set that I was going to wait until we defined that we were in a relationship before even thinking of given up my cookie jar. Trust is a big thing for me and when I meet someone I want to make sure I talk with them a little bit before meeting up for a first date, so for two weeks before we meet in person we would video chat through Facebook send each stuff on SnapChat until I felt comfortable. When we did eventually meet up we hung out for a bit and it led to use being intimate. Now he stayed over night and left before he had to go to work in the afternoon, which put my mind at ease a little bit about the whole thing, but of course after he left I asked myself if I gave it up too soon. This question bothered me for a while, because I thought that he would not contact anymore; however I was shocked that as soon as he got home from work he called me and we learned a little more about each other. That was 2 months ago. We still talk daily, we still go out, and we do not sleep together.

How can you tell if you gave it up too soon? Simple you can’t. The worry and doubt that goes through your mind after the fact comes no matter how much time has passed since you’ve started to get know someone. You can know someone for six months, or a year get intimate and they still leave you high dry. You as a woman have to make the call for yourself. Don’t let society tell you how you are supposed to go through your relationships; however before you do get intimate with someone do observe their behavior, character, and interactions. Some signs may come earlier than you think.

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