Single Friends (Rant)

Scenario: Man or woman cheats on their significant other. This is not the first time this has happened. The significant other is heartbroken and turn to their close or best friend that is single. The single friends gives some advice to end the relationship with person that has cheated on them more than once. The person that cheated in the relationship then says something along these lines: “Don’t listen to your lonely bitter ass friend.” That’s why they single. Sitting over there mad because the last person they were with didn’t fight for them.”

First off let me say that just because someone is single that does not mean that they are lonely and bitter. Maybe the last relationship that person was in chose not to tolerate whatever the other person was doing to them. Maybe that felt that they deserved better. Maybe this friend went through the same situation that you are putting his/her friend through. Just because this friend can see through all your lies and false promises you feel the need to try to turn them against their friend. I do not understand it. Then you want to turn around and say that “Sitting over there mad becuase the last person that they were with didn’t fight for them.” You know what you wouldn’t have to fight for the person if you were doing right in the first place!! Especially if you’ve the audacity to cheat over and over again!! Did it ever occur to them that maybe the person will get fed up of going through the same bull over and over again, so with or without the friend they might leave you anyway!!

Stay faithful. If you are in a situation where you and you’re significant other are going through something that could be impossible to come back from LEAVE THE RELATIONSHIP, OR WORK IT OUT!!! It’s not that difficult no one has the time or patience to sit there and have someone play with their heart, mind, and feelings.

Some people are actually happy single. It gives them time to figure out what it is they want in their next relationship, and time to work on themselves. Allows for goals to be met that have possibly been put on the back burner to compromise with their ex-partner. Don’t be so quick to judge, because you can’t get it right and you might actually be getting left behind for real this time around.

(Rant Over)


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